Not Today, World

Hello, lovely readers! I hope your week’s okay so far.

   I know I said I would have a story today, but I’ve got something different: two stories about why I don’t have a story today, because everything seems to come in twos lately.

   I swore up and down that I would have all the time to write a nice short short today. Instead, these lovely things happened:

  1. I was sitting in Fiction class today, talking about the stories and essays we read last week. My keeps vibrating in my pocket, but I can’t check it in such a small class. After class running over for twenty minutes (it was my only class today, so I wasn’t too concerned personally), I pull out my phone and see that my mom sent me a good morning text, with a pleasant sun emoji…followed by the news that my sister broke her tibia and fibula and was at the hospital.

   Now my sister has had problems with her legs before, so I was trying to get information from Mom. It was almost two hours later before she called to tell me that my sister was getting surgery and that she was on serious drugs. I will say that the positive part about the whole thing is that my sister is incredibly kind right now (it’s the drugs talking and texting). So there’s that.

  1. After all that, I thought that dinner would be peaceful. If my life had a narrator, that douche-canoe probably would’ve said: “Dinner, in fact, would not be peaceful.” My roommate and I went to get food, and I was already eating my pizza when a girl came up to me. Apparently, my roommate hadn’t eaten all day and fainted while waiting for their food. The girl who came up to me  and a freshman had caught them before they dropped. Needless to say I almost passed out myself. When I went to check on them, my roommate was eating M&Ms and talking to some people. Public Safety came by to make they didn’t need an ambulance or medical attention, walked my roommate back to our table, and made sure they got our information. My roommate’s fine now, but we’re both a little cautious right now.

   So with all of that fun stuff happening, I didn’t have time to write the short short I promised (and yes, I waited until today to try and work on it.) But you know what? You got to learn a little bit about what’s going on around me, and I still got to share a couple of crazy stories with you. I hope that Friday will be a better day for writing a story for you. I hope your week isn’t as eventful as mine so far. Blessed Be!



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