Love Magick

Hello, readers! I hope your week has been easy and relaxing.

   With everything that’s going on here at school and in the world, it’s difficult to take care of yourself. It can also be just as hard to keep all of your dates straight. For example, I’ve forgotten several times this week that Valentine’s Day is next week.

   Valentine’s Day is mainly geared towards sexual and romantic love, as any romance movie shown during this time of year will suggest. Just like dates, though, we also forget that there are many different types of love. Whether it’s a love for your family, your friends, or just yourself, all forms of love should be celebrated.

   As you know, being witchy is something that I love, and now I want to share three little tips for making your Valentine’s Day magickal. It definitely won’t seem like much, but a little spell work can go a long way.

  1. Rose Quartz is your friend. This pink stone is known for the warm and fuzzies, but it’s geared more towards self-love and compassion. When you need a confidence boost or feel down on yourself, wear some jewelry with rose quartz in it, make your own (rose quartz pendants aren’t hard to find), or just carry around a tumbled piece, which will be smooth to the touch and capable of fitting in your pocket.
  2. Work a love spell on Friday. Venus, the Roman goddess of love, rules Friday, so you should take advantage of the day to set your intentions for your love life (next time I’ll have more information on how to use the days of the week to strengthen your magick.) On top of Friday’s usual energy, there will be a passing comet, a lunar eclipse, and a full moon–talk about power!
  3. Take care of yourself. I know this doesn’t seem very magickal, but hear me out. Whether you intend to do magick or not, not taking care of your needs can leave you in a position where you can’t do much at all. You’re not being selfish for taking time away from others to handle what’s going on. You’re showing you love yourself enough to make sure everything–body, mind, and soul–is well-kept and in order. Remember: you can’t give other people satisfactory love and care if you’re not up to par yourself.

   Well, that’s what I’ve got to say about Valentine’s Day. Try one or all of these out in the coming days. They may become a part of your daily lives. Let me know what you think about Valentine’s Day and love in the comments. Blessed Be!



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