Our Daily Spell

Hey there, friends! I hope this week’s been kind to you.

   It’s a common belief that every day of the week has a different feel or affects us in different ways. Mondays are almost painful, Tuesdays aren’t as bad but still suck, so on and so on. With this idea in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the days of the week affect magick as well as our moods. Today, I want to share how each day comes with a different energy that can boost your craft. It should be noted that these are not hard-and-fast rules, and you can certainly work other forms of magick on these days. These are only suggestions and ways to add energy to your practices. Let’s dive in then.

  • Monday: As you can see from the word itself, the Moon rules over Mondays. This makes it a great day for practices involving intuition, such as scrying, tarot, and other forms of divination (I’ll cover all of this at a later date). This is also an excellent day for protection spells and emotion-based spellwork.
  • Tuesday: With Mars ruling Tuesdays, spells for confidence, energy, and passion are very strong on this day. Like Mondays, protections spells are also very strong on this day.
  • Wednesday: Mercury (or the Greek Hermes) is a god of communication and information, and as a result Wednesdays are great days to work spells for these things.
  • Thursday: Jupiter rules Thursday, making it a powerful day for prosperity and luck spells (if you want even more of an oomph, wait until the moon is waxing.)
  • Friday: Venus and the power of love rules Friday. Whether that love is for yourself, a special someone, your friends, or a pet, magick involving love is stronger on Fridays.
  • Saturday: Saturn (hence the word) brings the perfect energy for banishing things and habits that no longer serve you.
  • Sunday: Again, the root of this word is pretty obvious. The Sun’s energy rules this day, making it a good day for truth spells, as well as bringing warmth and light to your life.

   I hope you found this post insightful. Remember that these are not rules, just ways to grow your magickal practices. So tell me: do you think you’ll consider the days of the week in your practices? Do you have any questions? Any suggestions for a post? Leave it in the comments and I’ll try to get back to you. I plan to put up another article tomorrow, but if I don’t it’ll go up on Monday. Blessed Be!



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