Ethical, Powerful Witchcraft (Pt. 1)

Hey there, readers! My week’s been crazy, so I hope yours has been stress-free!

You know, when I’m stressed out or upset about something, it’s usually at a time when I’ve planned spellwork or when I’ve considered doing it. On those days, I reschedule my rituals or avoid performing magick. Why? Because your emotions can seriously affect your work. Just as unchecked anger towards a coworker or disorganization can mess up an office and the relationships in it, such feelings can cause magick to fizzle or create more problems than it solves. For the rest of this week, I want to focus on how to create strong, effective magick that is also ethical and safe.

Today, I think it’s important to highlight what magick is, how it works, and why it’s important that it’s both powerful and ethical. Ready? Let’s get started.

Magick, first, and foremost, is our own energy, shaped and molded through our daily actions, emotions, and the energies that come with the specific time of year. In spellwork, this energy is sent out into the universe or to your deity of choice as an intention or desire. From there, the energy is out, working to bring you what you need.

Let’s take a moment to note that I said need. If you put out energy for a fancy sportscar or a million dollars, I can tell you the universe won’t deliver exactly what you want. Remember, even if you put the energy out there yourself, we as humans must act ourselves. The magick simply helps to put the intention forward. It’s our job to make use of what we’re given when we get it. If you want that sportscar, you’ve got to work for it; the magick simply makes it easier to obtain your desire.

It’s also important to remember that magick works when it’s time. Sometimes a spell will take a few minutes. Sometimes it’ll take a few years, full of repeating the process. Don’t be discouraged. Some forms of magick require more time than others, and sometimes our own energy or situations slow or speed up the process. What you need will come when you need it.

To strengthen your magick, you may practice your visualization skills, which are incredibly important to creating strong spellwork. You may also use tools such as stones or candles. You might experiment with different parts of the moon cycle, days of the week, or even hours in the day. All of these things help to strengthen the energy and intention in your magick. From there, you can release the energy and send your desire out into the universe.

   With all of this in mind, you can create strong spells and enchanting rituals. In my opinion, the best spells are also the most ethical, creating as little harm to others or yourself as possible. There are several religions–Christianity, Wicca, Judaism and Sikhism are examples– and many nonreligious beliefs that share a common idea: treat others the way you wish to be treated. This rule is applied to more than their behavior inside and outside of their places of worship; the magick must follow it as well. Spellwork must not harm another living thing unless under certain circumstances (for a mundane example, using martial arts skills to beat people up isn’t okay, but using it as a form of self-defense in a moment of danger is okay.) Controlling other people or taking away their free will is also to be avoided, as these can cause harm as well (in the next post, I’ll talk about this within the context of love and healing spells, since such spells can walk a fine line between harmless and harmful.)

   Compassion and empathy aren’t the only reasons to use ethical magick. Unethical magick can lead to side effects that can affect the witch or spellcaster just as negativitely as the targets. From my research into Wicca as a young witch, I learned this line from the Wiccan Rede, which still finds its way into my practice: “Mind the Threefold Law you should,/ Three times bad and three times good.” Essentially, whatever you send out–good or bad–will return to you times three. Remember, magick is all about sending something out to get something back. If you send negativity out, you’ll get it back, often in harsher form than what you released. While the “times three” part is Wiccan, we can see this cause-and-effect pattern in our everyday lives, so it should be no surprise that it would affect our magick.

   Okay, major load of information. Let’s take a moment to recap the main points:

  1. Magick and spellwork is our energy and intentions, raised through various methods and released into the universe, with the goal of bettering one’s life or the lives of others.
  2. Magick can be used for good or ill, but often with consequences.
  3. Magick should never be used to control or take away the willpower of others or cause harm.
  4. No matter your religion or nonreligious belief, your magick can be ethical.

   I think I covered everything. If you have a question or want me to clarify something, leave me something in the comments and I’ll try to get back to you. Tomorrow–schedule willing–I will discuss how to ethically perform spells for others, particularly in regard to love and healing spells. Blessed Be, lovelies!


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