Creating a Personal Altar that Fits Your Life

Hello, dear readers! I hope it hasn’t been too long!

Now that the school year’s over, I have a little more time to write to you. Today I want to talk about how to create a beautiful altar that fits your situation and personality. Ready to get started? Great!

Magick, no matter what you specialize in, is very personal. Your tools should be personal, too; even a little added touch strengthens the power inside them. An altar is, essentially, a tool and benefits from personal touches. Even if you’re not out of the proverbial broom closet, you can still enjoy the process of making and owning an altar. You may be surprised at how flexible and creative an altar can be.

Here are some nontraditional altars you can create:

  • The Altar Room: If you’re trying to hide your altar, there’s no better place than in plain sight. Make the entire room your altar! This is perfect for witches who like to cast large circles or add acts like dancing to their practices. Use a compass (many phones have an app for that) and put various tools in the cardinal directions. Put your crystals in the north, feathers or incense in the east, candles in the south, and shells in the west. It’ll look like a cool setup, and no one will suspect a thing.
  • The Bathtub Altar: Some people have different happy places and connect with different elements. What I’m seeing a lot of on Pinterest are altars by the bathtub, either on a shelf or on a counter. Crystals (especially rose quartz), shells, rose petals, candles, and statues of water-related goddesses like Aphrodite/Venus are popular altar decorations.
  • The Altoids Altar: What if you’re an on-the-go, inconspicuous kind of witch who wants a portable altar? Transform a mint tin into a mini-altar. Paint the top, put in smaller versions of the typical tools (incense cones instead of the sticks, birthday or tealight candles in place of votive, pillar, and taper candles), and carry it around in your pocket for easy access.
  • The Kitchen Altar: I’m a fan of traditional altars–I have one in my bedroom at home–but I have a deep love of food and all things homey. I want to incorporate kitchen and cottage magick into my practices, so putting an altar in the kitchen helps give me a place to focus my craft. If you plan on going down this route, pick a nice hearth goddess statue, a couple of candles (tealights are an inexpensive favorite), a few of your favorite herbs, and smooth, flat stones to create a lovely, homey altar. Maybe you can put it on a shelf in a cabinet, or maybe place everything on a counter near the stove.
  • The Mantle Altar: If you’re more geared towards cottage and fire-based magick, an altar on your mantle is a great way to blend these things together. Again, a statue of a hearth goddess is a great addition, as are images of dragons. If you love candles, this is your chance to create a huge stockpile of candles of all sorts (fiery colors like red and orange are great, although white is an all-purpose color). This is a little more traditional, but it can also blend into the room if you’re not very open about your witchcraft.

The great thing about this list? This isn’t all there is. The only limit to creating an altar is your imagination. If you’re not clicking with what you see here, take a look around Pinterest and your house and see where your mind takes you. Then be sure to send me pics of the finished product. I would love to see what you came up with, and maybe I’ll share mine, too. Blessed Be!



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